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Uttarakhand - Culture



The Culture of Uttarakhand has its roots in past. Among the diverse cultures and traditions of India it is one of the unique culture which can be seen prominently in its various forms of art. Uttarakhand folk dance is not as complex as the classical dance forms but is something which is beautiful to witness. Its a reflection of the deep sited beliefs and traditions of the local people which is performed to express joy & celebrate the arrival of new season.

Uttarakhand is famous not only for its tourist places and pilgrims but also for its values and culture. The culture and tradition of the state can be seen in its songs, dance and also in its delicious dishes. These dishes and recipes along with richness in its taste are highly nutritious. The recipes to these dishes are simple too to prepare.


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Folk Songs of Uttarakhand had its root in the lap of nature. It has seen various phases of growth and has undergone lots of transformation during the course of time. These songs are primarily sung on various occasions like ceremonies, festivals etc. It speaks about various festivals, religious traditions, folk stories and simple life of the people of Uttarakhand.

The Famous folk songs of Uttarakhand Bedu Pako Baraha Mansa, and Hi Teri Rumala, Rangili Bindi, Kalai Baje Muruli and songs are some of the folk songs sung in various occasions in Uttarakhand.

These songs are sung with musical instruments like dhol, damoun, turri, ransingha, dholki, daur, thali, bhankora and masakbhaja. Tabla and harmonium are also used, but to a lesser extent.

Shri Mohan Upreti, Shri Gopal Babu Goswami, Shri Narendra Singh Negi ji are the people who have not only worked for the improvisation of these songs but have also given an identity to the Folk Songs of Uttarakhand. Bajuband, Basanti, Chhopati, Chhura, Chounphula and Jhumeila, Jagars, Khuded, Mangal, Puja Folk Songs are some of the folk songs sung in various occasions in Uttarakhand.