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Uttarakhand - Famous Temples



Famous Temples

Bhumia Temple: Situated at the bank of Ram Ganga River near Masi Bazaar is the Bhumia Temple. Thousands of people from different parts of Uttranchal visit and worship in this temple through out the year.

Masi: 34 km from Bhikiyasen on the way to Chaukhutia and 54 km from Ranikhet is the famous temple of Goddess Durga called Naithna Devi. It can also be reached through a 4 km. trek from Masi. Every year, Somnath Fair on Vishuwat Sankranti day is held in Masi during May-June. It is a famous fair of Pali Pachhaun. Brisk business takes place during the fair and animals, specially bullocks and calves are sold.

Jaurasi: 16 kms from Chaukhutia at an altitude of 6000 ft. above sea level is Jaurai. It is famous for its panoramic view.

Chaukhutia: This picturesque place derives its name from a Kumaoni word "Chakuta" which means four feet. In Chaukhutia's context four feet means four ways. From here the entire region is easily accessible. 54 kms from Ranikhet, Chaukhutia is on the Ranikhet-Badrinath highway. It is situated in the bank of Ram Ganga River. Chaukhutia's historical past and religious significance can be seen basking in its glory in nearby areas. Kali temple, Vaishno Devi's temple, ancient fort and ruins of Katyuri dynasty all makes Chaukhutia an explorer's delight. This place is also famous for fishing centre.

Doonagiri: 47 kms north of Ranikhet, Doonagiri is rich in historical and religious significance. Many myths bear testimony to this fact, according to which when Hanuman was carrying the Sanjiwani booty a piece fell here and since that day, this place is known as Doonagiri. Rich in natural splendour, Doonagiri is adorned by a temple of Vaishno Devi (the famous cave Goddess). To cap it all, Doonagiri offers a clear picture of the imposing Himalayas. For pilgrims Doonagiri is abuzz with festivals during Chait and Ashwin months of Navratras.

Pandukholi: 10 kms from Doonagiri. From Mangalikhan to Kukuchina you can come by bus. The remaining distance is a 5 kms walk. The caves built by Pandavas are worth watching at Pandukholi.

Binsar Mahadev: Binsar Mahadev is located at 19kms from Ranikhet, on the way to Ramnagar and 2kms from Sonidant, amidst dense Pine and Deodar forests. The shiva Temples of Binsar Mahadev are a unique place for meditation and picnics.

Jhoola Devi Temple (7 kms) : The famous temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga and Lord Rama.

Tarikhet: It is famous for the Gandhi Kuti and the temple of Golu Devta venerated in the Kumaon hills.

Ranikhet: Ranikhet or the "Queen's Field" perched at an altitude of 1829 metres represents the very best of Himalayan beauty. The lush forests, magnificent peaks, and exotic flora and fauna have made Ranikhet a tourists paradise. It is believed that Rani Padmini, the queen of Raja Sukhdev was completely captivated by the scenic splendour and decided to settle over here and thus the town came to be known as Ranikhet.

Upat & Kalika: Six kms from Ranikhet, Upat is a modern but historical place with one of the best 9-hole golf course in the country. The course was originally laid out by a British cavalry officer. Upat is a boon to the enthusiast. At 6000 feet above sea level there is a different satisfaction in playing golf. In this course there are bungalows for the players to stay. Many films have been shot here.

Kali (Agneri Devi) Temple: Kali Temple popularly known as Agneri Devi Temple, dedicated to Hindu Goddess Kali is situated around half km from Chaukhutia in Jaurasi road near Dudhalia village on the bank of Ram Ganga River. Every year thousands of people witness a large number of animal sacrifice (mainly buffalos and goats) in Navratras in the month of March-April.

Dwarahat: Situated in a wide valley of the river Ramganga, Dwarahat lies around 32 KMs from Ranikhet. Dwarahat was once the seat of the Katyuri kings who are said to have ruled from the Great Himalayas to the plains. It is famous for its 55 cluster temples of Katyuri period. Main attraction is 8 groups temple (Mrityunjay, Dhwaj, Badrinath, Durga, Duijar Deval, Ratan Dewal, Maniyal and Kachri) dating from the 11th century and have some fascinating stone carvings. Kumaon's famous Syalde-Bikhoti Mela is held in Dwarahat from 13th to 15th April annually.

Manila: Manila (means 'enchanting') is 87 km from Ranikhet and 75 km from Ramnagar. One can also reach the wilderness of this place after walking 13 km from Bhikiyasain. Manila is the seat of Manila Devi, the family Goddess of Katyuri clan. The forests and Himalayan views from this hill, which is spread from Sadar to Dotiyal are worth remembering. 25 km from this place is the memorial of 'Quit India Movement Martyrs' of this region at Khumar.

Surya Mandir Katarmal

Katarmal is a remote village, situated a distance of 2.5 kms from the banks of the Kosi river, to the west of Almora. This village is the seat of a 900 years old Sun temple, built in the 8th century during the reign of the Katyuri Dynasty Historically, the significance of this temple is second only to the famous Konark Sun temple of Orissa. Its uniqueness is reflected in a cluster of 44 small exquisitely carved temples, surrounding it. In fact, this is the only sun temple or "Surya Mandir " in this part of Kumaon. It is located 13 kms from Almora.


Jalna is situated amidst picturesque surrounding, one that gives a panoramic view of the Himalayas. For those who seek solitude and a quite retreat from all the hustle and bustle, Jalna is the ideal place to visit. Just 2 kms from Jalna, surrounded by dense forest, are the ancient temples of Banari Devi and Kutumbari Devi. These temples were consider to have been constructed in the 19th century AD. Seen here is also the idol of Lord Vishnu, four armed and lying on Shesh Nag which is a major attraction for pilgrims and tourists alike. Jalna is situated 32 kms from Almora.

Gananath: Gananath is famous for an old Shiva Temple and many interesting natural caves in a charming landscape. It is located 47 kms north of Almora.

Someshwar: About 35 kms north from Almora, Someshwar has an ancient Shiva temple considered to be constructed by the founder of the Chand Dynasty, Raja Som Chand.

Kausani: This charming hill resort set amidst several snow- capped peaks is endowed with exceptional natural beauty. Mahatma Gandhi came here in 1929, and was fascinated by the scenic grandeur of Kausani. His commentary on the Gita-AnaShakti Yoga was written here at the Anashakti Ashram. Sumitra Nandan Pant, a noted Hindi poet was born here.

Jageshwar: The pilgrim site located in a verdant valley is 38 kms from Almora and is believed to be one of the twelve Jyotirlinga's in the country. The Swayambhu Linga named Nagesh is enshrined here. The temple complex has 124 shrines and hundreds of statues noted for exquisite craftsmanship. In Jageshwar, fairs are held during Shivaratri and in the month of 'Shravan' (July - August). The place is frequented by both religious as well as nature lover tourists. Jageshwar is an attractive place nestled in an enchanting valley surrounded by coniferous forests the tall deodar trees covering this valley present a magnificent site to the tourists.

Located to the east of Almora, this place is a famous religious spot housing numerous temples of gods and goddesses and is believed to be the seat of 12 Jyotirlingas in the country. Among these, the Jyotirling Jageshwar, Darukawane, Maha Mrityunjay, Pushti Devi, Kedarnath, Baleshwar, Neeleshwar, Pawansut, Neel Kantheshwar, Surya, Mahisasure Mardini, Navagraha, etc. are worth mentioning. These temples, which are centuries old, are dedicated to Lord Shiva and are outstanding in their sculptures. A strong Buddhist influence is visible in the exquisitely carved statues and temples. Jageshwar also hosts a number of fairs held during Shivaratri in the months of July-August. Thus, this place is not only frequented by pilgrims but is also a paradise for nature lovers. It is located 38 kms from Almora.


Sitalakhet is the very beautiful place from where one can view the Himalayas in their awesome natural splendor. This place is abound with scenic beauty, thick forest covers, fruit orchards and delicate plants life most of which are used for medicinal purpose.

This is the place where, 70 years ago, the first water scheme for Almora town was initiated from a natural spring. Nearby Sitalakhet is a small village called Khoont, known for being the birthplace of Pandit Govind Bhallab Pant, freedom fighters and former home minister of India. Today, a centenary memorial stands at Khoont in his honor. In its religious significance, Sitalakhet is no less. A famous temple of Syahi Devi is located here. This goddess is highly revered among the local people.

Chitai Temple: Chitai Temple, dedicated to Golu Devta. An incarnation of Gaur Bhairav, he is reputed to make every wish come true, provided the worshipper ask for it with a clear conscience. All he asks for in propitiation is a bell, as was evident from the thousands of bells strung across the temple premises. Anyone can even seek Gol Devta's divine intervention by writing to him. A stack of letter ws pinned up next to his image, astride a horse.

LakhanPur Temple: Lakhanpur temple is situated at 6 kms from Chaukhutia in Jorasi-Chaukhutia road. This temple belongs to the Katyuri kings. A small fair is also held here every year in the month October-November.

Majkhali: Just one km from Upat is Kalika village famous for its temple to the Goddess Kali. It also hosts a forest nursery. A beautiful snowcapped mountain view is available on the other side of the golf link at Upat.

Chilianaula: The temple of Baba Haira Khan here is located amidst scenic surroundings.

Chaubatia: It is popularly known as 'Orchard Country' for its fruits and government apple gardens. It commands a picturesque view of the Himalayas. The Bhalu dam near Chaubatia is famous for an artificial lake and a fine picnic spot. Its just 3kms from Ranikhet.

Rudeshwar Mahadev Temple: Rudeshwar Mahadev Temple is located at Sanana around 50 km from Raniket in Bhikiasain-Chaukhutia Road along the banks of Ram Ganga River. This is one of the historic temples of Lord Shiva in Kumaon region. It is believed that Lord Rama had worshipped in this temple that’s why the river called “Ram Ganga”. It is also evident from the marks on the temple’s walls and Shivling that here worshipped have been held for many era. For last few years, Almora’s biggest Shivratri Mela is being held in this temple.

Masi Bhumia Mandir

Dunagiri Mandir

Binsar Mahadev Mandir