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Uttarakhand - Tourism



Uttarakhand is a state in North Indian region of Himalayas. The state is popular as Devbhumi for the presence of numerous Hindu pilgrimage sites in the state. As a result religious forms a major portion of the tourists in the state.

Uttarakhand CharDham



Established by the British in 1823 ,the 'Queen of Hill Stations' spends much of the year swathed in clouds.Mussorie became hugely popular during the British Raj and its effects can be seen till today in the architecture of its churches, libraries, hotels and summer place.


Nainital is a famous hill station in northern India, it is situated on the banks of the Naini Lake. Nicknamed the Lake District, Nainital is a town whose life takes place on the Naini lake. Nainital is also the city that hosts the only zoological garden in the state of Uttarakhand.


Uttarakhand is home to the first national park in India. There are 12 National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries covering 13.8 percent of the total area of the state. Nanda Devi Biosphere reserve and Valley of Flowers National Park are UNESCO World Heritage sites.


Located the point where Ganga emerges from the Himalayas , Haridwar is an important city in the religious architecture of the country.The large number of people gathering on the bathing ghats on the holy ganga river give the place a chaotic feel.There are a number of Hindu temples, ashrams and dharamsalas (pilgrims& rest houses) in the city.The city also serves as the entry point to the nearby National Park.

Fairs and festivals

Kumbh mela (fair) is a major tourist attraction to the state.Haridwar is one of the four places in India where this takes place.Haridwar also has its big annual fair in the form of Magh mela in January&February which turns intoa bigger event every 6 years in the form of Ardh Magh Mela. Nanda Devi Mela and Nanda Devi Raj Yatra are great festivals of Uttarakhand, famous in all nothern India, Nanda Devi Mela and Raj Yatra are the festivals of the goddess Nanda Devi, the bless-giving goddess. Kumaoni Holi a region variant of the Hindu festival of Holi is also very well known.

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